Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a surfboard or holua sled made?

It takes approximately 38 man hours to carve a board or build a sled, depending on the wood used, so a board or sled can be crafted in a week, as long as the requested wood is available.

What makes these items so unique?

"He mea Kanaka Maoli - Native Made".  Each sled and surf board is uniquely hand crafted in the traditional way, from the chanting of the ho'okupu (ritual sacrifice) to the gods and ancestors while obtaining the wood, to the 'awa ceremony that invokes the awakening of the spirits in the wood in order for the craftsman to "find" the proper shape within the wood.  Through these cultural beliefs handed down for generations, Pohaku is able to connect with each work of art he
produces, bringing out what he believes is the real shape or spirit that lies within.  No templates or mechanical measuring devices are used in the process, and no two sleds or boards could be the same.  Pohaku uniquely names each work according to the connection and history he has during his crafting, making these works of art truly He mea Kanaka Maoli - Native Made.

Why we use certain materials?

Final cost is directly subject to the availability of the native wood (that can be rare) and other exotic woods and the expense of various materials (coconut sennit, kukui nut oil, etc.). Some specialty woods such as Hawaiian koa, mamane, kauila, ‘ohi'a, etc. can be extremely expensive because of it's limited supply. Other woods are more readily available and therefore less expensive.

How can I check the status of my order?

After ordering, you will have the direct email to Pohaku who is always happy to discuss the progress of your board or sled. After Pohaku is finished building the board or sled, you can contact the sales team at to track the shipping progress of your order.

What types of wood are available?

We currently have Koa, Ohia, Red Gum (Eucalyptus), Purple Heart, Mango, Wiliwili, Balsa, Monkeypod, Ulu, and Redwood. We can do special orders with other types of wood. Inquire about other possibilities from our Contact section.

I live in Europe, can I still get an item made and shipped here?

We can ship to all corners of the globe, and it is our goal at Hawaiian Boarding Company to see Aloha spread world wide, so yes, we will ship to Europe.

What are the steps involved in making an item?

Of course the first step to making any sled or board is acquiring the wood.  Once the right wood is found, there is the offering of the ho'okupu (ritual sacrifice) to the gods and ancestors to ask permission to take the wood. This is our native way of assuring the gods that the life of the wood will continue, just in another form. This protocol is the honoring of the gods and our ancestors for the knowledge of the old ways, the choice of the correct wood for each individual (when ordering Pohaku may ask questions to get an idea of who you are - this is the way it was done in the old time here in Hawai'i).  The next step is the offering of the 'awa (kava) to invoke the awakening of the spirit that resides in the wood, in this way Pohaku connects with that spirit and sees the image that will be created from the wood and the name that will be given to that work of art. Pohaku believes that the actual carving can be easy to the trained eye if one can see the image of the board or sled in the natural lines of the wood.  The final step is the naming and blessing of each sled or board that Pohaku makes.

How can I pay for my order?

You can either pay by cashier's check, direct wire transfer, or credit card (AMEX, VISA, or MASTERCARD).

Can I choose which wood is used in my holua sled or surf board?

Yes. You can special order a holua sled or surf board with a specific type of wood, however pricing will reflect the rarity of the wood you select.

What are the size limits?

There are no real size limits, though Holua Sleds are rarely larger than 14 feet. Surfboards come in many sizes, ranging from 8 feet to more than 14 feet. Contact us regarding any sizes larger then the ones specified.


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